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Coverage Area

Our wireless network coverage will allow SkyPath to provide wireless high speed internet to RV parks, mancamps, residential communities, and commercial buildings. SkyPath currently provides wireless internet services in the cities of Watford City and Williston.

Hotspot Coverage

SkyPath knows many of our customers will require wireless internet access not only in their RVs, mancamps, homes, or place of business but around town. With this in mind, SkyPath is aggressively deploying hotspots in Watford City and Williston to provide our customers the flexibility they need to stay connected away from home and their business.

Hotspot Locations:

  1. Bakken Acres RV Park - Watford City, ND
  2. Bandlands Apartments - Watford City, ND
  3. Dakota Landings RV Park – Watford City, ND
  4. Hillside Estates RV Park – Watford City, ND
  5. Power Fuels Corporate Dorms - Watford City, ND
  6. Power Fuels Long X - Watford City, ND
  7. Praireview RV - Watford City
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